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Code of Conduct of the REMOG Group

This Code of Conduct defines ethic rules of behaviour which REMOG imposes on oneself. It is the basis of all national and international business relations. The requirements for REMOG’s suppliers also contain these principles. They are accepted and guaranteed by all business partners.  

REMOG would like to bear and communicate social, economic and ecological responsibility.  


1. Ban on corruption

Any kind of corruption is not accepted by REMOG. Nobody can be personally influenced or obliged. If gifts belong to local customs in some countries, there must not be generated any personal dependence by it. The national law has always to be observed. It is prohibited to give any gifts to government officials to influence their decisions.  


2. Abidance by the law

The maximum working hours regulated by law must not be exceeded:

Max. 48 hours weekly (max. 60 hours including overtime). The required breaks must be kept.  


3. Payment of fair salaries and wages

Salaries and wages comply with current legal requirements as well as individual contracts. We aim for fair and performance-related payments.


4. Prohibition of forced labour and physical punishment

Nobody may be disciplined by direct or indirect violence. Employees must not be forced to work or intimidated in any way. This also includes verbal, psychic, physical violence as well as coercion and harassment (also sexual harassment).


5. Prohibition of discrimination

All employees have to be treated equally, irrespective of:

gender, skin colour, age, race, religion, political opinion, physical or mental disability, ethnic, national or social origin, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics, membership of a labour union. The freedom of association is accepted within the frame of existing legislation.   


6. Safety and occupational health

The business partners are actively seeking to prevent damage caused to someone’s health and accidents. The employees are regularly trained in health and safety issues. Clean toilets and drinking water are available in sufficient quantities.


7. Prohibition of child labour

Workers are hired at the age of 15 years minimum. Restrictions on the employment (according to youth labour law) of adolescent persons have to be met.


8. Environmental protection

Applicable laws, standards and procedures are implemented in our internal system. They are observed and regularly monitored. The business partners always try to prevent and reduce environmental strain, especially in the case of hazardous materials. The above applies to sewage and emissions too.


9. Management System

REMOG operates a quality management system which reflects the above mentioned requirements. It is being developped constantly.







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