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A Centre of Excellence

Over the past years, we have established a reputation as a centre of excellence for high-precision, safety-critical parts that find use in many of the world’s aircrafts.

With our ratings consistently in the top 5% of our customers’ supplier bases, we continuously strive to achieve superior levels of quality, value and service for our clients.

Major aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, Eurocopter, Eurofighter and Embraer rely on our expertise in areas such as drive train, landing gear and mobile hydraulics. We specialise in complex manufacturing operations requiring a sophisticated combination of machining technologies, surface and heat treatments as well as quality inspections. Efficiently designed work plans with 40 or more process stages are not uncommon, due to demanding component geometries, a requirement for minute tolerances and our zero-fault philosophy.

From Individual Parts to Assembly Kits

Besides manufacturing individual parts, we prepare complete kits consisting of dozens of components, ready for assembly at client sites without need for further acceptance testing.

Advanced IT tracking systems, complex logistics and rigorous quality control procedures ensure perfect traceability of each component as well as just-in-time delivery.

Why not contact our highly qualified staff to find out how they can help you reduce your supply costs or outsource aspects of your manufacturing operation which are peripheral to your core competencies?

We are certified according to both DIN EN ISO 9002 and QSF/B and manufacture in a climate-controlled environment.

Have a look at a small selection of our aviation parts spectrum or view an example.


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