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CNC-Laser-Machining Center

CNC-Machining Center

Thermical Dechamfering

Hydraulic Parts with Utmost Accuracy

Hydraulics is one of our core competences – whether mobile or industrial-type hydraulics, whether they find their home in fighter jets or fork lifts – our control blocks, check valves and cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards and pass the most stringent of quality controls.

Our aim is to literally stay at the cutting edge of CNC manufacturing technology, ensuring that hydraulic parts are machined with utmost accuracy and economic efficiency. Take control valves, for example. Its tiny control slots are now cut on a laser machining centre, reducing lead times by a factor of ten in comparison to spark erosion machines. Deburring of these control valves takes place on our thermal de-chamfering plant, combining supreme efficiency with consistently high quality.

With the aid of our state-of-the-art machine data and business data acquisition network (MDE/BDE) we ensure online access to all production and control processes taking place in our company. This enables us to steadily increase productivity, optimise workflow and accelerate internal communication – with tangible benefits for you.

Depending on your wishes, we will also perform hydraulic component assembly and complete hydraulic testing.


Subset of our Parts Spectrum

Hydraulic Assembly

Assembled Control Block

Assembled Control Block

Pressure-reducing valve

Valve for hydro-electric pressure switch

Various hydraulic components

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