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Quality Assurance
Non destructive testing


Question: How do we keep track of thousands of different parts and ensure that each is manufactured on the best possible sequence of machines and tools and at the optimal time slot?

Answer: With a highly skilled workforce who is able to master best-of-breed information technology tailor-made for our manufacturing purposes.

Machine and Business Data Acquisition (MDE/BDE)

This system enables us to be in complete control of our manufacturing and control processes, identify bottlenecks and improve manufacturing efficiency.

At the click of a mouse, our staff are able to

  • view our entire range of CNC machines
  • obtain a snapshot of the current manufacturing operation
  • generate statistical information for further business and technical analysis

E-business Solutions

You want your orders dealt with instantly and reliably? So do we.

Seamless integration of our IT systems enables us to receive many orders electronically. Without need for human intervention, these orders are fed straight through into our IT systems for projection planning (such as material sourcing) and are then scheduled for manufacturing via DynaPark.

If required, we will install client-based consignment stores that are supplied by us just-in-time through e-business solutions.

Of course, we are able to process your drawings directly using 3-D CAD software packages such as ProEngineer.

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