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Flexible Manufacturing Cell

6-Axes CNC-Turning Center

Vertical CNC-Turning Center

We are constantly striving to realise economic solutions for our customers, utilising innovative concepts such as our fully automated flexible manufacturing cell (FMC), which is capable of unmanned operation.

At its heart are 10 automatic pallets that shuttle between two TC 800 machining centres by Werner & Kolb. A magazine of 800 tools ensures that all necessary machining operations are done within one setting, reducing manufacturing times and costs.

A dedicated 3-D Form Measuring Machine in the immediate proximity of the FMC ensures that time- and labour-intensive moving of parts becomes unnecessary, creating a virtually self-contained manufacturing environment.

Decades of experience and state-of-the-art CNC turning and machining centres ensure that casting parts for machinery and plant construction, as well as the electronics industry, are manufactured with extremely small tolerances.


Subset of our Parts Spectrum

Frame for High-Speed Printer

Girder for High-Speed Printer

Girder for High-Speed Printer

Motor housing

Bearing shield

Pump housing

Bearing shield


Pump lid

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